Soccer Timer for Fitbit Ionic and Versa Watch

A full featured Soccer / Football Watch created for the Fitbit Ionic and Versa. For referees, coaches, statisticians, parents and anyone who keeps detailed time of any soccer match.

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Core Features

Count Up Timer

Continuous Count Up Timer tracks actual game time through the entire game.

Countdown Timer

Pausable Countdown Timer provides accurate mintes to play, including stoppage time.

Stoppage Timer

Stoppage time is automatically calculated and displayed - no more 'fuzzy' math.

Configurable Timers

Timers can be configured for every match level, from full length games to U8.

Easy To Use

Simple 2 button operation and streamlined interface.

Track Game Score

Set Home and Away team colors and track the score right on your watch.

High Visibility Screen

Easy to read screen while on the run, even in bright daylight.

Exercise Tracking

Use your Fitbit's built in exercise tracking to track every step on the pitch.

Soccer Timer for Fitbit Ionic and Versa Watch

Designed by Referees and Coaches - For Everyone

After more than 20 years of reffing, coaching, watching my kids from the touchline as well as having to deal with the frustrations that comes with standard soccer watches (and being let down by the 'high end' soccer specific timers), It is time to have a timer which will do everything we need. A timer which is visible in bright daylight and at dusk. One which tracks actual stoppage time. Has vibrating alerts that we can control (and will not alert the teams).

A Soccer Watch that will also track exercise, steps taken, heart rate and everything else that comes with your Fitbit. All for a fraction of the cost of a mid-range Soccer specific timer.

Perfect for referees, coaches, statisticians, parents and anyone who keeps detailed time and stats of any soccer match.

Timer Settings Made Simple

Settings for Soccer Timer for Fitbit Ionic and Versa Watch

Change timer settings quickly and easily!

Using the Fitbit smart phone application, you can quickly and easily set your watch for all levels of game play. Set before the game starts and the soccer timer will walk you through the entire game - from first half, through half time, to the end of the match!

  • Count-up Timer Length
  • Count-down Timer Length
  • When to show Stoppage Time
  • Half Time Length
  • Team Colors
  • Who has kick-off
  • Keep Screen On
  • Display Heart Rate Monitor
  • Track As Exercise

Screen Settings: Always On/Auto-On

Optimized to not drain your battery! Choose to keep the screen on throughout your entire match or to come on only when you need it. With the screen always on, the timer will only use @10% of your battery for a full length match. Using Auto-On - less than 3%. Easily getting you through a long day at the toughest tournaments.

7 Day Free Trial

We believe so much in this Soccer Timer that we are offering a seven day free trial! After that, it's just US$ 10 for a lifetime license.

A trial long enough to get you through a few games and decide for yourself. If you like it, simply click the 'Purchase Now' button on your watch and follow the on screen instructions.

If for some reason this isn't the Soccer Watch for you, we would love to hear why! Please take our Online Survey. Or you can fill out the Contact Form below and send us your suggestions! We are working hard to make this the best Soccer Watch available.

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Soccer Timer for Fitbit Versa Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Using this Soccer Watch is simple. Once you start the timer on your watch, open the Fitbit application on your smartphone to adjust the timer settings, select kick off and input Home/Away settings. At kickoff, press the top right button to start the timers. Use the top right button to pause and restart the timers throughout the half. At the end of each period, use the bottom right buttom to switch to the next period (half time, 2nd half, game stats). The left button can be used at anytime to exit the timer.
Good eye! Yes, this will happen from time to time. To build the most accurate timer possible on the Fitbit platform, and to allow the screen to be turned off, we have to adjust the timers every 10 seconds so we do not miss a second of game time. The timers are based on start time (in milliseconds) and are calculated using that set time. The timers may appear to skip a second, but they are actually adjusting for the slow operating system on your watch.
We are currently in the our intitial "Version 1" release and are hoping people like you will give us great feedback! We have some ideas in mind (tracking yellow/red cards, inputing player numbers, additional language support and syncing data to the cloud). We want to hear from you and develop to meet your needs. So if you have any suggestions, please send them to us using the Contact Form below.



We hope you have found this timer to be an essential part of your game day kit. Please purchase a lifetime license by following the instructions displayed on your Fitbit. If you decide not to purchase, we would love to hear your feedback! Use the Contact form below to send us your ideas and suggestions.
K-Pay or Kiezel Pay is a third party provider which allows us to offer this timer without having to spend a fortune on building a payment processing system. K-Pay has been around for years servicing the smart watch industry. Additionally, if you are having trouble, they have a great support system and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
K-Pay does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Because K-Pay handles all the transactions, they also process all guarantees. Please visit for more information.
This can happen, but there is a solution! Your new Fitbit sees this as a new installation (because it is a new watch). Simply go to, enter the code displayed on your watch and click 'Already Purchased'. From there you will simply need to enter your email address and you will be all set!
This will happen if your fitbit is not connected to your smartphone and/or your smartphone does not have an internet connection. Please be sure your smartphone is conected to the internet and your Fitbit is connect to your smartphone.

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